Classical Crossover Singer Branden James is a finalist on Season 8 of America’s Got Talent.

The California native has become increasingly sought after on the worldwide stage in the concert arena and opera house alike. His career has taken him now to more than 20 countries, professionally. Branden trained at The San Francisco Conservatory of Music in California and further held private studies in New York City. He has performed as a soloist with many major American symphony orchestras and has sung most notably with Los Angeles Opera, The Metropolitan Opera at Lincoln Center in New York City and at Lyric Opera of Chicago.

A regular soloist for the Los Angeles Lakers, Mr. James has had the honor of singing the National Anthem for scores of celebrities, dignitaries and fans at the world renowned Staples Center. As a recording artist,  Mr. James can be heard on the soundtrack for the film REPO-OPERA starring Sarah Brightman and Paris Hilton and is recorded on Decca Records as The Magi on internationally acclaimed composer David Conte’s award winning opera, The Gift of The Magi. He is also recorded on the 2013 release,  Zelda re-orchestrated.

Branden appeared in concert at St. Peter’s Basilica in Vatican City, Rome for Pope Benedict XVI celebrating the occasion of his 80th birthday. Mr. James has enjoyed a longtime affiliation with The 12 Tenors, touring the majority of 5 continents and appearing as soloist on their second full length release entitled, I Believe. 


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  1. You brought me to tears the other night. I am so disappointed that you are not in the final six. I am sure America voted for the “song” and not the tenors of Forte. Rest assured that you should have won the whole competition and I will search out any CDs that bear your beautiful voice. I am a fan in every sense of the word and wish you nothing but the best professionally and personally. Thank you for sharing your gift with me and the rest of America.

    1. You are definitely superior to Forte, and I was stunned that America voted for them instead of you. I should not be surprised as some of the past winners were not very good. Evidently, most viewers of AGT like country music and dog acts. Nonetheless, I wish you the very best. You are a gifted performer.

  2. I was really upset that you didn´t make it to the finale. In my oppinion, you belong there, you touch my heart with your voice everytime you sing. You take me on a journey and make me feel better for the length of the song. I hope i will hear a lot more from you in the future! Cheers from Germany, Beatrice

  3. You are an angel with human form. We love you for you! Your gift from God,your voice is absolutely incredible. You should have won AGT for all that you did for us. You will hear your fans rejoice to hear you sing where ever you go. God bless you. Your so beautiful outside, inside and your soul. Thank you for sharing “you” with us all.

  4. Branden you were awesome from the very beginning of AGT. You nailed your last song perfectly and I can’t believe Forte got you. You were stronger that night. You have an amazing story and voice. You will go far. Good Luck to you.

  5. I thought you were absolutely amazing on AGT. I really felt you should have made it to the top 6. There are way too many country music acts out there and therefore it has been rendered kinda boring. You have introduced opera to my husband and he is now an opera lover thanks to you. I have tried to get him to listen, but he always refused. After seeing you on AGT he now listens!! I hope to see you tour as you are an immense talent! <3 Love from Wisconsin!!

  6. you are the best, buddy!!!…I LOVE your voice and your background story… are an inspiration to countless people…including me…I look forward to hearing that POWERHOUSE voice again!!!. hallelujah….!!!

  7. You are such an inspiration to us all. Me and my partner Michael are such huge fans! Your performance was much stronger than forte’s the vibrado is perfect and the pitch was impeckable. You should have entered the finals. But you are such a great talent and a truly good person, you are going to go farther. Goodluck and we love you from the lgbt community here in the Philippines!

  8. Brandon you are so awsome. Everytime I watched you on AGT I emmediately got goose bumps just listening to your voice. I was so sad that you didnt make it but you have the voice of an angel and you my friend are going to go along way. I am officially your no 1 fan ( well besides your mom!…lol )

  9. It was a joy meeting you on AGT. Great things are coming your way. Share your gift to the world. We are all listening. Sing your heart out.

  10. Branden…you are one of the finest opera singers I have ever heard and I eagerly await any CD’s you put out after seeing you and hearing your wonderful performances on AGT (which you should have won, by the way.) You have a God-given talent and very soulful eyes…thank you for being who you are and sharing your talent with America.

  11. Just finished watching all your YouTube uploaded videos. Looooooved your original song, “I surrender all”. Hope I can purchase the song from iTunes near future.

  12. Fantastic bio… I had no idea as to the extent of your experience. Great… good for you… I will look to see if I can find some of you performances either on tape or disc. \keep it up Branden… love your voice and style.

  13. Branden, loved you on AGT. And I was delighted to think I heard you again on the Super Bowl Kia commercial. Are you the singing voice of Lawrence Fishburne? It sure sounds a lot like your Nessun Dorma!

  14. Hi Branden,
    I am one of your “Hugest Fans!” Since first seeing you on AGT, I am so very grateful to Almighty God for introducing you to me. My love for music seems to be as deep as yours. I sang with the Jacksonville Gay Chorus for 10 seasons, and have been in Church Choirs all my life. Your talent and blessings are second to none. WOW – to sing for Pope Benedict XVI!

    Do you have a recording of Nessun Dorma? I believe that Hallelujah is on your Christmas Album. If its okay with you, I intend to use your music during the celebration of Mass at St. Anthony’s National Catholic Church. (You guessed it, I am an openly gay woman, and a National Catholic priest.)
    If you are ever in Jacksonville, Florida, I would love to meet you in person. I was so proud of you on your last AGT appearance when you mentioned Billy by name as your partner. My fervent prayer is that we will meet in this life and not have to wait for the next! My Blessings to you and those you love, Rev. Marsha McKinlay Brandt.

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