Branden James Cello web header
Branden James Cello web header

BRANDEN & JAMEShave become a brand name in the classical crossover music world alongside the likes of Josh Groban, The Piano Guys and Jackie Evancho” (The Bay Area Reporter, San Francisco.) Since their inception in 2015, the cello and vocal duo have been defying odds by reinventing the rules when it comes to classical crossover music. BRANDEN says,”people tell us we’re so unique and different . I think that’s what excites us most. We’re actually doing something that hasn’t been done before.

With “soaring tenor vocals and dazzling cello,” (NPR music), the duo creates a sound that leaves audiences feeling moved and inspired. As individuals, Australian cellist JAMES is an arranger, orchestrator and concert pianist. Operatic tenor BRANDEN, a native of California recently penned his first book, a memoir, titled, Lyrics Of My Life due out in September 2020.


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