Award Show Season

Award Show season is upon us! Branden has always been a film buff. His obsession started as a kid because there were ALWAYS movies on. Growing up in a family with 4 kids at home, it was an inexpensive way to entertain everyone. James never really made it past Disney films! But ask him and he’ll tell you everything you need to know about and hum every tune in films from Fantasia to Frozen! Award Show season is always a fun time of year for everyone. There are the red carpet outfits, all the gossip, the performances, the bittersweet goodbyes to the people we loved. If you’re in the industry, many times you’re watching and rooting for your friends and colleagues who are up for awards. Branden never had that moment where he stood in front of the mirror and rehearsed his Grammy winning speech- James either. Maybe we should have. You hear those clichés all the time about winners having done this since they were eight years old. We guess dreams DO come true if you want them bad enough. We may be men in our thirties, but if Susan Boyle proved anything, dreams can come true in any industry at any age. An Award Show nomination (whether it be a Grammy, Oscar or Golden Globe, etc) is still on our list of dreams to fulfill, and we’re still banking on the idea that it may just happen.

Award Show

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Truth is, if you don’t make mistakes and run into snafu’s and fall down every once in a while, you’re probably not dreaming big enough. So while Award Shows can be a time to fantasize, for us these days-given all the opportunity we’ve been handed, we watch them differently. They seem closer in reach, somehow. And neither of us are going to stop until we get there. Many people say you have to run people over to get somewhere. We don’t believe that. Slow and steady wins the race. Hard work pays off and we believe kindness and humility will lead the way.


Outtake from James’ Solo Music Video Shoot, “An Irish Blessing”

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