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Santa Fe Swan Song

It is our Santa Fe Swan Song. Not to say we won’t be back ever again. But this is our last week here for a little while. We love playing here. For those of you who come to our shows, you can probably tell how much we love playing in Santa Fe at Vanessie. It…

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Hurricane, Flu and an NYC Debut

A hurricane is a strange phenomena. I remember being a kid in Southern California and part of me was excited at the thought of an earthquake hitting. With natural disasters, there is that macabre side to everyone that wants to experience what’s happening maybe just once. Obviously it is not funny when a hurricane wreaks…

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Our favorite concerts of the year

Our favorite concerts happen in perhaps the most unsuspecting place possible. Have you ever heard of The Villages in Florida? If you’re reading this now immediately after it was sent- there most likely is a hurricane blowing through. Exciting times!  Every year, Fernando Varela a great friend of mine and competitor when I was on America’s Got…

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