You Had Me At Cello

You Had Me At Cello

You Had Me At Cello is the new show we’re running in Puerto Vallarta. Our fan and subsequent friend thought of the title. She’s seventeen years old. Since we announced the title of the show, we’ve had people write us and tell us how clever the title is. Authors and editors have remarked to their friends about it’s innovative title. From its inception, this show has felt both special from our idea of creating until now: the night of our second performance. You Had Me At Cello is a story about the modern way in which we met and the time we share together both on and off stage. Using music by Sara Bareilles, Justin Bieber, Kristin Chenoweth, The Righteous Brothers, Clean Bandit; music from Dear Evan Hansen, The Wiz and Newsies, we tell a very real and raw account of how we got to we are today. And because of that, the product we have has never felt any more authentic to us. We can’t take all of the credit. We got the inspiration from Patrick Cassidy who found our relationship inspiring. Having co-wrote it with playwright, Jamie Morris from Las Vegas, we were really able to hone in on a style of story-telling that you don’t often see from two classical musicians. James spends a fair amount of time on the piano for this show as do I- and we both exchange humorous accounts of what our lives were like growing up on completely opposite ends of the Earth. We’re proud of this show and are happy to be playing it in Puerto Vallarta until February 23rd before taking it to Palm Springs and Los Angeles. If you’d like to read a great review about it, have a look after the photos:

You Had Me At Cello

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You Had Me At Cello You Had Me At Cello You Had Me At Cello


“The delightful and thrilling duo took to the stage in a new show this year along with their current one so you can choose one or both to attend and listen. They are unlike any act. They combine classical tinges with pop and some tunes have a jazzy bluesy interpretation. One man plays the keyboards and sings while the other play cello, then roles change with each taking turns at vocals and piano. James Clark took runs on the keyboard, sometimes singing, and other times Branden James sang while James accompanied on his keys and with his extremely fine cello work. Their music is sheer bliss and the guys exude happiness and pleasure in promoting their mix of styles for the audience.

Also, they are wonderful in storytelling, dating back to the cruise ship days, meeting and falling in love. They took far different paths to get where they are today. “Winner Takes it All” from ABBA was sung with full force in Spanish. Branden hit all the upper regions of the melody effortlessly. A stunningly gorgeous song from “Waitress” came next “She Used to be Mine” with James’ cello rich and full against the strong vocals of Branden.

“Taylor the Latte Boy” was a cute and touching story of falling in love with a Starbucks’ employee whom the singer wants more with him than extra foam. “Hallelujah”, Leonard Cohen’s masterpiece was grasped and given the respect this song deserves. Again Branden reached the high notes with fullness and to the pleasure of the crowd. They are quite the duo. “Home” from “The Wiz” has Dorothy reminiscing about all the characters she has met along her journey. The lyrics may be applied to everyone one of us.

“City of Stars” from “La La Land” was sweetly sung. From “Dear Evan Hansen” “Two Friends on a Perfect Day” was selected with the lyrics again having such pertinent thoughts accompanied by their great instrumentation. “I Got You Babe” a cute departure from the usual boy/girl [Sonny and Cher] relationship into one with two guys loving each other. They performed “Unchained Melody” which has become a sure standard of their repertoire. The video is on their website. Look and you might understand these two men much better. Dynamic is the keyword tonight. They exude a warmth over all the cabaret. Music never sounded so good.” Gary R. Beck, Puerto Vallarta Shows

If you or anyone you know is coming down here, send them our way!

The Palm Cabaret
Olas Altas 508
Zona Romántica – Southside, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
18th Anniversary Season
222-0200/322-168-9950 [Mexican cell phone]
Box office opens 10am daily

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