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September 1, 2016


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LOS ANGELES — With Australian cellist James Clark and singer Branden James (finalist, America’s Got Talent Season 8), the aptly named duo, BRANDEN & JAMES have been taking on the world with their message of love, unity and acceptance. In an “effort to erase labels,” they are launching their “You Belong” campaign along with a new music video, due out in late September 2016.


What’s more, simply by making a 30-second video of themselves, anyone with a social media account can participate. Using the hashtag #YouBelong and a self-made sign expressing how they see themselves or how society labels them, the participants’ videos will be edited together to create the official music video for BRANDEN & JAMES’ new single, “You Belong.” The community effort behind the video is to, as Branden says, “highlight what we all have in common, rather than focusing on our divisions. We hope to remind everyone that we all belong in this world regardless of our labels.”


The new single, “You Belong,” is all about social inclusivity. “When we look at other people, sometimes all we see are the labels society puts on them,” says cellist James Clark. “What if we could erase those labels and the stigma that comes with them?” Throughout the campaign and in the video, the participants will be asked to reveal the other side of their signs, which will read, “I Belong,” the hope and message of the movement.


About 49% of young people in grades 4–12 reported being bullied by other students at school at least once during the past month, whereas 30.8% reported bullying others during that time. Hate speech has seen an increase recently, especially directed toward people of a certain race, religion, or political affiliation. The #YouBelong movement aims to change all of that. Branden says, “When I held up my label and shot the video on the street, people were watching. My initial reaction was, ‘this is embarrassing’. But that’s not true. When I finished, I realized I was free: my label didn’t have any power over me. We are who you are, and we should be proud, because we all belong.”


BRANDEN & JAMES have their own story to tell. Branden, a finalist on the hit television show, America’s Got Talent, had a successful career on stage and in recording prior to his meeting the Australian cellist, James Clark. Since then, the romantic couple has been touring around the world playing their original songs and innovative, classically inspired covers. Branden says, “People tell us we’re so unique and different. I think that’s what excites us most. We’re actually doing something that hasn’t been done before.”


To find out how to be a part of the #YouBelong movement, everyone is encouraged to visit the campaign’s official site, YouBelong.Life. You may submit your video until September 20, 2016. For more information about BRANDEN & JAMES, visit or at @BrandenJMusic on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Follow the movement through the hashtag, #YouBelong.