New Residency in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

BRANDEN & JAMES announce a new residency December 3-17, 2016 at the world renowned Palm Cabaret in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.  They are thrilled to be sharing the bill with cabaret legends such as Leslie Jordan, Kim Kozma and Amy Armstrong. Check their tour schedule for dates and times.

“The Palm is one of the Romantic Zone’s favorite little spots. Spend an hour on the beach and, most likely, you’ll be introduced to someone advertising — by a warm smile and word of mouth — his or her own show later that night at the Palm. It’s an old-fashioned, but completely effective strategy for a place that somehow brilliantly manages a balance between old-fashioned cabaret atmosphere and completely fabulous and in-the-now entertainment. From world famous cabaret stars to gender-bending chanteuses, budding comics to seasoned show folk, this cozy little joint — set up cabaret-style with chairs grouped around small tables in front of a small, raised stage complete with sparkling curtains — is centrally located within the Romantic Zone. Restaurants, street vendors, martini bars and the beach are all just outside the door.” – Ryan Regazzi, Theatre Road