We're glad you're here!  We wrote this cool song about social inclusivity called, "You Belong." Our goal is to remind everyone they have a place in this world regardless of their labels. For example, we're two guys in love with each other. That may not be for everyone, but it doesn't mean we don't matter.

It is us (you and me) who marginalize other people in the world. We choose to see their labels instead of seeing them just like us. But what if we started a movement to change all of that? What if we could actually get enough people to erase labels and help us all realize we're just the same as everyone else?

Help be a part of the You Belong movement.

Keep scrolling to see how you can do your part. 


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  1. Make a poster-sized sign, (about 10" x 12")

    On one side write ONE world that describes you. It may be a label that society has put on you, e.g. OVERWEIGHT, DEPRESSED, GEEK, GAY, OLD, POOR, MUSLIM, SKINNY. 

    Be as Transparent as you want to be.

    Write this word in ALL CAPS.

  2. On the other side, write "I BELONG", or if there is more than one of you, write "WE BELONG"

  3. You may want to tape two signs back to back, to prevent the ink from bleeding through.
  4. Record a 30-second video of yourself with the sign. (See below)


  1. Record a 30 second video.

  2. Record 10 seconds of yourself looking into the camera. Don't make too much expression or overt movement. Just be yourself!

  3. Pick up your sign with your one-word description of yourself facing the camera. Make sure it is very easily readable. Hold this pose for another 10 seconds.

  4. Turn your sign over to the "I BELONG" side. Make sure it is easy to read.

  5. SMILE! Hold this pose for another 10 seconds.

Your video should be around 30-seconds total




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Other ways YOU can BELONG:

  • Change your Facebook profile picture to your "I belong" photo
  • Like, Re-Tweet, Re-Post and Share during the campaign
  • Post your own ways we can all belong in this world together. #YouBelong

Entries must be received by Tues. September 20, 2016

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On Twitter:

Upload your video directly to Twitter using the app. 

Your tweet must contain:
#Youbelong @brandenjmusic and the link youbelong.life 


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Instagram-v051916_200On Instagram:

Post your video directly using the app.

Your post must contain: (tag @BrandenjMusic)
#Youbelong @brandenjmusic and the link youbelong.life 

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square-facebook-128On Facebook:

Post your video directly on our facebook fan page: fb.me/brandenjmusic

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